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Custom Edition Data Book Marketing Information

Custom Covers

Custom EditionNo advertisers appear in your Custom Data Book -- other than you.

Customized & exclusive for your company only with these full-color pages:

You can pick any one of the four Custom Covers illustrated above or submit your own original print-ready artwork. Use the Build Your Own tool to mix and match styles and covers.

Each Custom Data Book contains the most up-to-date information that your prospective client, employee, buyer, etc. wants and needs to know about your island -- all in one place and WITH ONLY YOUR NAME on it.

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Marketing Tool: Using Your Custom Data Book as a Marketing Tool

  1. Sample Request Data Book ButtonLead Generation: Use Your Custom Data Book as a Lead Generation device via Request Button on Your Web site.
    • We provide Request Button graphics for you to add to your Web site.
    • We process inquiries on our website and deliver the leads to you.
  2. Branded Hand-Out: Give to walk-in traffic and mail to inquires received as a fulfillment piece with a long shelf life containing your brand.

Marketing Message:Using Your 4 Custom Data Book pages to tell your story to the world.

Click the images below for examples and some ideas of how you can use your Custom Data Book Pages effectively:

Sample Front Cover
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Sample Inside Front Cover
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Sample Inside Back Cover
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Sample Back Cover
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Front Cover

Company Name, Logo, and Glamour or Signature Shot

Sample Front Cover

Front Cover TemplateA striking image(s) of Hawaii branded with an individual's name and/or company name can grace the Front Cover, associating you and/or your firm with your island.

Use any one of our 4 standard covers (shown at the top of this page) or have your designer contact us for Custom Cover specifications.

Back Cover

Company Name, Logo, and Office Locations

Sample Back Cover

Back Cover TemplateThe Back Cover can be a "wrap-around" continuation of the Front Cover shot and/or useful tools or other information, such as: Tax Map Key ("TMK" property map); contact information & photo with company brand; office locations; etc.

Our standard covers have wrap-around images or you can use a custom design of your own creation.

Inside Front Cover

Profile, About Us, and/or a Deeper Look

Sample Inside Front Cover

Inside Front Cover TemplateOn the Inside Front Cover, you can use a Welcome Letter and Profile introducing individual(s) and/or your company with photos and your brand.

Profile/About Us

Tell your clients all about you:

  • Who we are (including all contact info).
  • What we do (our product/service)
  • Who we do it for (our customer's description).
A Deeper Look

On the Inside Front and/or Inside Back Covers you can answer deeper questions your clients may have about you:

  • What most people who buy our product/service do not know or are surprised to learn about our product/service.
  • What are the relevant/important issues to know before making a buying decision? What our customer wants "to experience" and/or "to avoid" when using our product/service.
  • What are their financial considerations; performance concerns; reputation issues; motivation factors; etc.?
Inside Back Cover

Deeper Look and/or Offer/Value-Added

Sample Inside Back Cover

Inside Back Cover TemplateOn the Inside Back Cover, you can add what's unique, special, value-added, etc. about your offer plus location details and/or include an area for note-taking.


Tell your clients all about:

  • Your offer/value-added product/service
  • The benefits each provides to them:
    • To help our customers (broadly defined) make the best decision possible, we offer/provide: [name/nature of offer/value-added service, etc.] which delivers these [list of benefits].
What can your offer/value-added service contain?

An offer/value-added service can include any information that helps your customer make an informed buying decision that justifies doing business with you.

To help you create an offer/value-added service of your own, here is a checklist of possible offer/value-added service items/subject matter that you might provide to your potential buyer (as appropriate for your product/service):

  • Do's & Don'ts List
  • "Top 10" List
  • Articles/News stories
  • Charts/Graphs
  • Maps
  • Endorsements
  • Testimonials
  • Examples of Savings
  • Photos/Videos
  • Buyer's Guide
  • Association Memberships
  • Awards Received
  • Special Reports/Books
  • Client Lists
  • Compliance Checklists
  • Facts & Figures
  • Product Demos
  • Price/Service Quotes
  • Standards Lists
  • Test/Lab Results
  • Discount Coupons/Promo Codes
  • Other: Unique to you

Be sure to tie a benefit to each offer/value-added service you provide. That is, be sure to answer what each offer/value-added service does for your customer.

Click here for complete pricing information on custom Data Book printings.

Order Bulk Data Books For Your Business Try Building Your Own Custom Data Book Before You Buy

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